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Cleaning Nozzle - My Fantastic Maid

Spring Cleaning Can Alleviate Allergies

Seasonal allergies tend to be the strongest in spring and autumn which makes Spring Cleaning crucial. Allergies can be exacerbated by many factors, including in homes where improvements are being made. Regular housecleaning can remove many common allergy triggers and help alleviate symptoms. Knowing which common home improvement mistakes can aggravate allergies can help homeowners […]

Spring Cleaning - My Fantastic Maid

6 Spring Cleaning Tips

Warmer days are coming and what better way to spend them than … cleaning? Although enjoying the great outdoors is probably high on many a to-do list come spring, by the end of winter, homes can probably do with a much-needed overhaul. If you begin your Spring cleaning early, by the time the warmer days […]

Indoor Air Quality - My Fantastic Maid

Improve Indoor Air Quality

If you’re getting cabin fever due to the fact that our cold weather has caused us to spend significantly more time indoors, you’re not alone. Because windows tend to be closed during winter, indoor air quality can suffer, making conditions inside your home less than desirable. Poor air circulation in a home can promote the […]

Cutting Wood - My Fantastic Maid

Minimize Dust During A Renovation

Even though dust is ever-present both inside and outside of a home, when renovations are in full swing, dusty conditions are often exacerbated and you’ll want to do what you can to minimize dust particles from blanketing your home. Whether a home is new or old, numerous substances can be stirred up when removing walls, […]

Declutter - My Fantastic Maid

Be Clutter Free

Clutter can gradually overtake a home’s interior, turning a once pristine home into one overwhelmed with nonessential items. Clearing a home of clutter can seem like a monumental task, but the following tips can help homeowners declutter. Scan important documents and save them on a computer. Some documents cannot be discarded, but that does not […]

Cleaning Reusable Bags - My Fantastic Maid

Cleaning Reusable Bags

Clothing, linens and even curtains may get their regular rotation through the laundry room, helping such items to remain clean and fresh. But other items relied on regularly may never make it to the washing machine to get a healthy helping of suds, even though they probably should. Such is the case for backpacks, lunch […]

Chimney Cleaning - My Fantastic Maid

Keep Your Chimney Clean and Stay Safe

As temperatures drop and thoughts once again turn to lighting fires and sitting down with a good book, it’s important to revisit chimney maintenance. Keeping your chimney clean helps protect your home from unnecessary, costly repairs down the road and helps to keep your family safe. Even though My Fantastic Maid doesn’t provide chimney cleaning […]

Gifts For Hosts - My Fantastic Maid

Gifts For Holiday Hosts

When celebrating the holidays, it is customary to offer gifts for hosts as a token of appreciation. During the season of giving, it may be challenging to find a gift that stands out in the crowd. However, some of the best gifts for hosts focus on their love of entertaining family and friends. Here are […]

Make Lights Sparkle - My Fantastic Maid

Make Lights Sparkle

Chandeliers, pendant lamps, recessed lighting, and tableside lamps are most effective when they are clean. As days get shorter and natural light is less abundant, interior lighting becomes even more important. HGTV experts say dirty lights can give off up to 20 percent less light than clean ones. Dirty fixtures also waste energy. Lighting fixtures […]

My Fantastic Maid - Clean Stainless Steel

Cleaning Stainless Appliances

No matter the style of a homeowner’s kitchen, be it modern, traditional or farmhouse, stainless steel appliances can add a pop of shine and a touch of class. Stainless steel is lauded for its strength and resistance to corrosion and rust. These attributes make it a popular choice in kitchens, where moisture is an issue. […]