Wood Floor

It’s that time of year that the mess outside, tracks inside and with it comes the salt. It’s important to clean up the salt on your floors as soon as possible to prevent damage to your wood floors. Cleaning salt off floors is important to the lifespan of your floors.

Here are some tips for cleaning up your floors:

  1. If the floor is wet, mop it up and be sure to get all of the salt crystals. If the floor has already dried, you can sweep or vacuum the floor.
  2. Be sure you have rinsed and thoroughly cleaned your mop, then use water as hot as it comes out of the tap, mixed with vinegar.
  3. When using a wet mop on any flooring, we prefer a minimalist approach, so wring as much water out of the mop as possible, and gently mop the area. Rinse the mop out and repeat. If the water gets too dirty, empty it and refill the bucket. Dirty, or salt absorbed water will dry with streaks.
  4. In some instances if you’ve had a particularly soiled floor, or if you’ve used too much water, you may want to use a dry mop to absorb residual water, or a microfiber cloth.