Why Choose My Fantastic Maid?

We Care About Our Staff

We care about our staff

We recognize that our employees are the backbone of our organization. We treat them well so they in turn will treat our clients well.

We care about our clients

We know that without you, we wouldn’t exist – that’s why we go above and beyond to earn your business and to keep your business.

We Care About Our Community

We care about our community

Being part of the community is an important role and we take our responsibility seriously. That’s why we support many local charities.

We Care About The Environment

We care about the environment

For us it’s not just about cleaning homes and offices, it’s about keeping our environment clean too, which is why our products are eco friendly.


We carry $2million liability insurance, WSIB and Bonding Insurance. All of our team members have a clean police record. Your home is safe in our hands!

Yes. We use products are derived from plant and mineral extracts. Safer for you and your family, your pets, our team members and the environment.

Our team brings everything they need to get the job done. You don’t need to provide anything.

Moving Furniture – For the safety of our team members and to mitigate damage to your home/items, we do not move furniture to clean.

Heights – Safety is  importance to us and team members will not work higher than the two-step ladder that they bring. Please keep in mind that in most cases, the tops of kitchen cupboards are outside of our reach. Some lighting fixtures are also out of our reach. 

Clutter/Organization – We will work around any cluttered areas to the best of our ability. Same goes with areas used for storage, like underneath beds and on top of cabinets. 

Outdoor Areas – Our equipment isn’t designed for cleaning outside surfaces such as patios, decks, rough concrete floors, unfinished basements, garages, exterior windows, etc. 

Pet Messes/Bodily Fluids – This includes, but is not limited to: litter boxes, pet messes, bird guano, blood, feces, urine, and overflowed toilets. Cleaning body fluids (including that of our furry friends) is something we do not do.

Mold -We can clean small amounts of mold. Large amounts of mold in shower areas, on walls, etc. can affect air quality and pose a safety issue. We aren’t able to clean in rooms that are heavily affected by mold, or in homes with heavy mold infestations.

Bugs – We aren’t able to offer post-fumigation cleanings. We ask that any bug infestations or fumigation clean-ups are completed in their entirety before we enter a home.

Fireplaces – The soot/ash from a fireplace will damage our equipment, especially our vacuums. 

Laundry/Dishes – We do not offer any laundry or dish services.

Carpet Cleaning – We do not offer carpet cleaning services. 

We ask for the address for two very important reasons.

Firstly, because we customize the quote to the home, we don’t want to quote generically expecting to do one thing and then find out it’s not what we thought at all…the quote is specific to the house, but without the address it becomes a generic quote. We’ve also found that what some people consider an averaged sized home is a large home to someone else, it’s kind of subjective in the home owners eyes, and some people underestimate, or over estimate the square footage. If it’s underestimated, then we wouldn’t charge enough and if it’s over estimated our quote could appear high compared to others.
Secondly, as you can appreciate, homes come in all shapes and sizes, so one person’s 4 bedroom/3 bathroom home could be very small, small rooms, etc, another could be massive with large rooms. We use the address to preview the home on Google Maps to ensure we’re comparing apples to apples in our quote.
These two reasons are very important to us because we stand by our quotes, we would never charge more, even if we grossly under-estimated the work and took considerably longer to complete it. 

We take the health of our employees, our clients and their families very serious. For that reason, you will notice that our teams are wearing masks when requested. 

Our team members are either fully vaccinated or test weekly. Additionally, all employees complete a screener daily before reporting to work.

We also ask all clients to cancel or reschedule their appointments if anyone in their home or office are experiencing symptoms, or if they have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 or required to isolate.

We have implemented a Vaccination Policy that requires employees to either be fully vaccinated, or to consent to a rapid antigen test at least once per week.
Additionally we require our employees to complete the Government of Ontario pre-screening every day before reporting to work. Anyone who does not pass the screening must stay home, and to ensure this happens, we provide paid sick days to our team members.

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my fantastic maid in the community

My Fantastic Maid recognizes our role in supporting and advancing the communities in which we live and work. 

Our goal is to make a positive social impact through strategic and generous donations to established charitable organizations in the communities that we serve.

The charities below are a small selection of organizations we have supported in the past three years.

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Above Average Pay

We believe it's important to treat people fairly, that's why we pay above minimum wage and above industry averages.

Great Schedules

Our residential teams work daytime hours, Monday - Friday and we take weekends and stat holidays off.

Paid Sick Days

Now more than ever it's important to know that you can take time to get well and not have to worry about paying your bills.