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Cleaning Nozzle - My Fantastic Maid

Seasonal allergies tend to be the strongest in spring and autumn which makes Spring Cleaning crucial. Allergies can be exacerbated by many factors, including in homes where improvements are being made. Regular housecleaning can remove many common allergy triggers and help alleviate symptoms. Knowing which common home improvement mistakes can aggravate allergies can help homeowners avoid them. Suit up before any cleaning begins, allergy sufferers should don face masks and rubber gloves to prevent themselves from breathing in allergens or having them touch their hands, where they can be transferred to the face or elsewhere. Those cleaning should also wear clothes that can be easily removed and laundered after a day’s work. Moisture can eventually lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which isn’t healthy for anyone, including allergy sufferers, to breathe in. HEPA filters can trap allergens that are so small that they pass through regular vacuum filters.…

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Spring Cleaning - My Fantastic Maid

Warmer days are coming and what better way to spend them than … cleaning? Although enjoying the great outdoors is probably high on many a to-do list come spring, by the end of winter, homes can probably do with a much-needed overhaul. If you begin your Spring cleaning early, by the time the warmer days arrive you’ll be free to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Spring cleaning tasks can be stretched out across several days to make the jobs more manageable. While certain spring cleaning tasks can be time-consuming, many projects can be started and completed in 30 minutes or less. Look up – Start by looking up at ceilings, molding and ceiling fans. Chances are that some cobwebs and dust have formed in these areas. Always begin cleaning by working from the top downward so you don’t have to clean any tables countertops or floors twice. Static-charged dusting cloths…

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