Spring Cleaning - My Fantastic Maid

Warmer days are coming and what better way to spend them than … cleaning? Although enjoying the great outdoors is probably high on many a to-do list come spring, by the end of winter, homes can probably do with a much-needed overhaul.

If you begin your Spring cleaning early, by the time the warmer days arrive you’ll be free to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Spring cleaning tasks can be stretched out across several days to make the jobs more manageable. While certain spring cleaning tasks can be time-consuming, many projects can be started and completed in 30 minutes or less.

  1. Look up – Start by looking up at ceilings, molding and ceiling fans. Chances are that some cobwebs and dust have formed in these areas. Always begin cleaning by working from the top downward so you don’t have to clean any tables countertops or floors twice. Static-charged dusting cloths work well to catch and contain dust. Use a pillowcase on ceiling fan blades to clear the dust and keep it from cascading to the floor.
  2. Blinds and curtains – Heavy window treatments can be removed and replaced with more gauzy fabrics. This lets in more light and warmth from the sun. Many curtains can be freshened up right in the laundry, but blinds may require a bit more effort. If the blinds can be snapped out of the brackets, place them in a tub full of vinegar, dish soap and water. Allow them to soak and then rinse with the shower nozzle. Stationary blinds can be cleaned with using an old sock over your hand dipped in a vinegar-and-water solution.
  3. Change linens – Remove and launder bed linens. While the linens are in the wash, thoroughly dust all furniture and vacuum the carpets. Move furniture so you can reach areas where dust gathers, such as under the bed or dresser.
  4. Grout cleaner – Grade school science lessons can be put to use as you look to remove stubborn dirt. Combining baking soda and vinegar produces a reaction that causes the formation of gassy bubbles. These bubbles can help to break up dirt that clings to crevices, such as grout between tiles. Some light scrubbing and then subsequent rinsing can rid surfaces of hard-to-remove dirt.
  5. Vacuum vent intakes – Many houses are heated by forced-air systems. The air intake vents can become clogged with dust and other debris. Vacuum these vents so that air flow is not impeded. Let the heat run for a few minutes to catch any small particles that become dislodged, and then change the furnace filter.
  6. Clean out the refrigerator – Now is a great time to remove any of those mystery containers growing fuzzy experiments in the back of the refrigerator. Take the food out of the refrigerator and use a food-safe cleaner to scour the shelves and inside of crisper drawers.

Spring cleaning is a necessary task, but it doesn’t have to be a headache. Break up the work into manageable chunks of time, and projects won’t feel like such a hassle. If you would rather not spend time cleaning, then don’t hesitate to call My Fantastic Maid.