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My Fantastic Maid - Taming Indoor Odors

A clean home interior can make a strong first impression on your prospective buyers, but only if that home is accompanied by pleasant scents. Odors can make a strong impact on buyers’ perceptions of a home, including its level of cleanliness and upkeep. Although dirt and other grime can contribute to the odor of a home, additional culprits can contribute to foul smells as well. Everything from pets to the foods cooked in the kitchen to the hidden presence of mold can impact air quality and odor inside a home. Fortunately, there are ways to remedy stinky problems and come away with sweet-smelling solutions. It’s important for homeowners to realize that foul air inside a home can be the result of poor indoor air quality — which can be a health hazard. So how does one remedy poor indoor air quality and odors inside a home? These tips can improve…

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