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Cleaning Reusable Bags - My Fantastic Maid

Clothing, linens and even curtains may get their regular rotation through the laundry room, helping such items to remain clean and fresh. But other items relied on regularly may never make it to the washing machine to get a healthy helping of suds, even though they probably should. Such is the case for backpacks, lunch sacks and reusable bags. These items endure substantial wear and tear, and may be in need of a good wash. Backpacks Backpacks can get grimy fast. Designed to be worn on the back, backpacks are often tossed onto the floor or shoved into dirty lockers. As a result, backpacks may be covered in dirt, pen stains, food spills, and bacteria, necessitating a thorough cleaning. Because backpacks have all sorts of pockets, straps and zippers, some people find handwashing to be an easier way to prevent damage during washing. Use a vacuum nozzle to clean out…

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