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Cleaning Supply - My Fantastic Maid

Maintaining a clean and orderly home can sometimes be overwhelming. Homeowners juggling the responsibilities of work and family may find they have little energy for everyday household chores. But homeowners can employ some simple strategies to keep their homes clean and orderly without taking up too much of their time. Enlist a buddy. Work goes much more quickly if you have someone to help you. Make a list of all the jobs that need to be done and then split them among your cleaning helpers. Kids can get involved by taking care of the simpler tasks, such as dusting or wiping down counters. Clean from top to bottom. Dust and dirt will settle at the lowest possible points, so do not create extra work for yourself by cleaning floors and other surfaces and then dusting off shelves or cleaning cobwebs from the ceiling. Always work your way downward when cleaning…

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Cutting Wood - My Fantastic Maid

Even though dust is ever-present both inside and outside of a home, when renovations are in full swing, dusty conditions are often exacerbated and you’ll want to do what you can to minimize dust particles from blanketing your home. Whether a home is new or old, numerous substances can be stirred up when removing walls, refinishing floors, removing tile, or expanding living spaces. Homeowners who want to remodel with minimal construction debris floating through the air may find these proactive steps helpful. Prepare dust-containment plans. If a contractor is involved, it is often his or her responsibility to minimize dust. Do-it-yourselfers must make dust containment a priority. Protecting the floor and keeping the dust confined only to work areas can be achieved with plastic sheeting and other barriers. Designate an entrance and exit. The experts at This Old House say it is best to choose one doorway as the only…

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