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Live Plants Can Reduce Dust by up to 20%

One of the most frustrating things, as far as home cleaning goes, is the ever recurring dust. It doesn’t seem to matter how often you dust, it’s not long before the dust reappears. Obviously, where you live affects the amount of dust in your home and if you tend to have your windows open more often, the probability of dust coming in to your home increases. There are many mechanical solutions to help  filter dust from your home, steps that you can and should take to remove dust manually, and other options which you may have never considered as solutions to cutting down on dust in your home. Air Filtration Systems Many HVAC manufacturers and installers offer air filtration systems that work in tandem with the rest of your homes heating and cooling system. Whether or not you have an air filtration system, you can’t neglect your furnaces air filter. It…

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