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Residential Service
$349 / flat fee

Need a deep clean? Moving into a new home, or preparing your home for sale? Maybe you just finished some renovations. The premium clean is for you.

Residential Service
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Need a regular cleaning service from a team of professionals? Then our standard maid service is for you. Choose from one time, or recurring weekly, biweekly, or every four week appointments.

à la carte
Residential Service
$33 / hr
tax included

Get professional, insured and bonded cleaning service for under the table prices. You choose how many hours you require, we do the rest. It’s that easy.

The reFRESH Residential Service

The reFRESH is a service provided to those who need their whole home refreshed. Whether it’s been a while since you’ve done a deep clean, your moving into a new home, preparing to sell, or have just finished renovations – our team will clean your home top to bottom, including:

  • dust from ceiling to floor; including door frames, baseboards, all furniture, light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  • sweep/vacuum/mop all floors
  • wipe down walls
  • clean and disinfect all surfaces in the bathrooms and kitchen, including any appliances inside and out. If the cabinets are empty, we will wipe out the inside of all cabinets too.
  • clean the interior of all windows.

Please note, that we will not commence with cleaning if construction is still in progress. We do not declutter or remove items left from previous owners/tenants. 

Currently this service is only available in Sarnia and some areas throughout Lambton County.

The posted rate covers a home up to 2,500 sq.ft. For larger homes, contact us for a custom quote.

Premium Residential Service

Our premium service is well suited for clients who want to book it and forget it. Premium services can be booked as one time, weekly, biweekly, and every four weeks.

We send in a cleaning team with our own supplies and equipment and take care of everything, including:

  • dust from ceiling to floor; including light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  • sweep/vacuum/mop all floors
  • clean and disinfect all surfaces in the bathrooms and kitchen, including the outside of any appliances and the inside of the microwave 

This service is currently only available in the communities we serve – Check Here 

We offer custom quotes to ensure we have enough time to do the job right. 


à la carte Residential Service

Take the guess work out of finding a cleaner for your home. We connect you with a bonded, professional cleaner at “under the table” prices.

We all know that life gets busy, and sometimes we need that extra set of hands to help get things done. Our à la carte service is for those families who need help keeping on top of things.

You book the time you would like (minimum of 1.5 hours required per booking), and provide the cleaning supplies and equipment. We’ll send one of our qualified cleaners, and she’ll take care of the cleaning.

When she arrives let her know what you’d like her to do and she’ll get right to it.

This service is launching late October 2020. If you would like to be notified when the service is available, sign up for our mailing list.

Commercial Cleaning Services

When we started in 2017, our very first client was Blackburn Radio in Sarnia – we have been serving them ever since and we’ve add other commercial clients since then too.

Our commercial team customizes cleaning services based on the unique needs of your business. We also disinfect high touch areas in your office with our environmentally friendly disinfectant, which kills 99.99% of all germs. 

We require a site visit to accurately quote your commercial cleaning needs. Please contact us to set up a convenient appointment.