Online Booking


How to book online

Point 1 - My Fantastic Maid

Choose Your Location

My Fantastic Maid only services a select area. To get the most accurate dates available, be sure to choose the proper town / city where you are located. If your location is not listed, please call for availability in your area.

Point 2 - My Fantastic Maid

Choose Your Service

You can choose the service level you require, this ensures we schedule enough time to complete your service.

Point 3 - My Fantastic Maid

Choose Your Date/Time

We don't service every community every day, but we will give you the next available date closest to your preferred date then you can select the appointment time.

Point 4 - My Fantastic Maid

Complete The Form

Once you've selected a day and time, complete the form so we know who you are and where we are going.